All-Star An Exciting Season '11-'12

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Apr 7, 2011
This season will be very exciting, and this Worlds, I'm sure will have everyone on the edge of their seats.
  • Cheer Athletics Panthers is LARGE again, which is going to heat things up in the Large All Girl division.
  • We have some great new additions to our teams, like Kiara on SmoEd, Maison on Tsu, and Haley on Orange.
  • Many new 2by2 videos coming up.
  • A great new division, Medium, which will be VERY interesting to see.
  • Cheer Extreme is going to amaze us all this year with Maddie's specialty stunt. :)
  • Rays have got new uniforms. :shaka:
  • And, not to mention, lots of gyms have opened up and merged, as many others have closed down.
This year, is going to be a blast, and we should all be excited for the bringings of '11-'12.

And as they say, welcome back fierceboarders, don't get it twisted!
maison isnt at twisters anymore? how come?
but yay can't wait to see her on tsunami this year:)!!!!!!
going to be one epic season get ready everyone!
Technically Panthers are medium, they still may go large though. I'm excited to see WC Suns in medium as well, and THE RETURN OF LARGE COED!