OT best all star gyms in northern California?

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Nov 9, 2010
Soo I'm thinking about doing all star next year and I live in northern California. I was wondering what the best gyms are out here. I was thinking about going to power, but it's 2 hours away from where I live. Anyone have any suggestions? Thx:)
Airborne - they could quite possibly be the strongest program as a whole up there.
Oh Wow ! Thank you sooo much Admin =)

What part of Nor Cal do you live in Iluvcheer? That would help with the gyms near you ! Goodluck in your search!
yeah definatly giving a more specific part of nor cal would help but some of the better programs:
-nor cal elite
-university cheer force

that's just to name a few :) good luck!
I live in Castro valley, ca. Haha sry for not adding this to my original post:)
Is Castro Valley the Livermore Area? If so you are not far from Athletic Perfection in Tracy along with the new Cali Livermore progam as well as Cal Spirit Elite. Are you familiar with the leveling system with Allstars, do you know what level tumbler you are? That may help with the choice you make, not all gyms have all levels. Goodluck!
If you live in Castro Valley, there are a lot of good gyms close by. California All Stars (Livermore) and California Spirit Elite (Pleasanton) are both pretty close. You're also near Cheergyms.com Pyramids (Concord) and Motions ( San Jose). Some other good programs in San Jose are Nor Cal Elite and Fame Athletics. All of the ones I listed are pretty strong programs and within an hour.
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