Best Allstar Cheer Gym In Austin Area?

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Feb 6, 2011
We're moving to Austin this summer and I need to find a new allstar gym for my daughter. She currently cheers on a senior 4 at Orlando Allstars, but she's only 13 so I definitely need somewhere with level 5 teams so she can move up.
Any recommendations? I know Dallas would be better but I just can't do that commute. Willing to commute up to an hour or maybe an hour and a half if I find somewhere she just LOVES. So where are the best places to cheer in the Austin area?
Spirit of Texas should be around an hour and a half away. That or austin cheer factory would be my pick. I would lean more twords Spirit of Texas only because I think that all of there teams are AMAZING! But, its your call! Hope this helped :)
Thanks! I mapped from Austin to Spirit of Texas tho and it's a 3 and a half hour drive so that probably can't work unfortunately. How are teams in Waco, like Dynasty? Is Cheer Factory better than Cheer Station? Are there any good ones in San Antonio or San Marcos?
Well Houston you have a couple more choices. Woodlands elite Is amazing there about 30-45 min outside of houston they are amazing!
OK, so hypothetically if I could stand to commute to Houston, where is the best place to cheer there?

TLCC is in Houston. Austin to Houston is no easy commute,'s almost as far as Austin to Dallas...

UC Airforce is in Houston, too.
Woodlands Elite is amazing. But also Texas Lonestar Cheer have some really good teams! I think if you can commute to Houston, that would be your best shot at a really good cheer team! :)