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Apr 8, 2010
Last Thursday at my Hs competitive cheer practice i went to mark a tumbling pass with just a round off.. when my thumb got caught underneath the velcro and dislocated in two different places.. i was wondering if anyone has had this happened before or knows if i need surgery or how long i would be out due to their past experience please help :/

PS its my senior year (last year in allstar also) and i dont wanna lose out on college scholarships or miss worlds...
Hey. My Thumb Is Permanently Dislocated From Holding Secondary ( Side Base ) Grip In Stunts. There Isn't A Whole Lot You Can Do. I Normally Ice It Every Night ( If Its Swollen ) If Its Not Swollen I Heat It To Help Relax My Muscle. Take Ibuprofen Before You Practice. You Can Get One Of Those Wrist Braces That Wrap Around Your Thumb Or Tiger Paw. Those Help Hold It In The Correct Place. I Still Feel It Pop Every time I Move It.

That's The Only Advice I Have On It. You Just Learn To Deal With It.

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