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    Want to be a part of a program that made a statement in 2013 and will be back as a top contender for years to come??? Blinn College is coming off a heart-breaking loss in Daytona after scoring top raw score in D2 small coed only to drop into 2nd by .45 after deductions. BC is a 2-year school in Brenham, TX an hour outside of Houston competing in a division of 4-year schools. Blinn offers scholarship ranging from 1000-4000+ a year to be used for books, housing, meal plans, and tuition and fees with the top 20 athletes receiving $3500 or more a year.

    Tryouts begin April 20th 2-5pm with a tryout clinic and final tryout dates are May 4-5. Visit or email Michael Brewster at for more information.

    Facebook: Blinn College Cheerleading