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Well I'm from the south where SEC college cheerleading is huge so it's a completely different style. I've also spent a lot of time lately at allstar comps so it just seems very dated, slow, and boring to me. Don't get me wrong they did some things well and were pretty clean, but it just had no pop or real entertainment to it. The pyramids and the elite sequence were pretty good, but It looks like a homemade routine and by that I mean no choreographer. I also wasn't a fan of the music or how SLOW it was, and there was a lot of dancing - too much imo. I think one thing that would make a bigger impact would to have the entire squad do certain skills and work on strengthening team tumbling. They have a lot of people, use that as an advantage and make bigger and better pyramids or more than one and same with stunts. It just felt like they had leftovers and didn't know what to do with them so they made them dance or tumble over and over!
Yeah thats the thing i'm totally agree with you. I am not a big fan of this progam but they got first this weekend at USA Nationals so I wondered if it was just me that didnt see why they got first place.
Well I don't follow USA Nationals and I didn't watch any other routines on the site but I couldn't imagine that was a first place win performance.
USA Nats is all about CLEAN routines.

They don't take into account difficulty nearly as much as the larger college nationals.

I believe Boise won a year or two ago also against Long Beach (who scratched this year) because they hit their routine and LBSU didn't. Long Beach had a much more difficult routine but dropped while Boise hit perfect.