Brandon Allstar Or Topgun

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I love top gun for their raw talent, coed abilities, and creativity. I love Brandon for their solid and clean routines, amazing sportsmanship, and stunting. Both are amazing:)
I like Brandon because they're all clean, and perfectly timed (not that TG doesn't do that.) and their tumbling's always synchronized. I LOVE Top Gun because they're purely AMAZING! They have all that and more!
Top Gun. Their 2007 worlds routine got me to believe that female tumblers can keep up with the boys and pushed me harder to get my tumbling. Plus their innovation is through the roof. I didn't even know of Brandon until I competed against them at NCA in 2009.
I like top gun because they have really good tumbling , fierce dances , really good stunts , and cute uniforms :)
Top Gun and Brandon are both amazing! But at worlds last year I got to talk to some Brandon parents and athletes and they were so polite and nice :)!