All-Star Cali Lady Bullets!

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Dec 14, 2009
WOW WOW WOW! this routine is jam packed.

Opening: 6 standing fulls, 1 toe full, & 2 cart wheel fulls! 1 nice stunt in the back.
Standing Tumbling: 4 three to doubles. 3 one to doubles 6 one to fulls. 3 two to whip doubles. 1 hand whip full hand double hand hand whip double!
First Stunt: 6 heel stretch lib arabesque double down
Jumps: 15 girls doing 5 jumps to tuck
Elite Stunt Section: 5 one and a half ups. switch up opposite free stretch tic toc bow n arrow scorp. scale double down!
Baskets: after stunts 3 gorgeous kick doubles, 1 switch kick, 1 hitch kick
Tumbling: 2 r/o hand fulls (out of the stunt), 3 r/o hand fulls (side to side), 3 r/o hand doubles, 3 r/o hand doubles, 2 r/o hand doubles, 1 r/o hand doubles, 1 front walk over punch front r/o hand double, 1 r/o one and a half to double, 1 r/o arabian hand hand double, 1 r/o whip full hand hand full double!
Pyramid: Good builds first picture is simple, but all the skills in the pyramid are nice. with fly overs, inversions, & tic tocs they sure do max everything on the scoresheets!

This routine has improved so much since the first one. Congrats on grand champs & a paid bid, well deserved!!
the dance and the dance music is awesome, the beat behind only girl(the ding ding ding) kills me I love it!!
These lasts are RIDICULOUS this year!!!! They are definitely the team to beat this year.