Music Cheer Athletics music is out :D

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Fiercekatz OMG!
who was that girl hu sang WAY YOU LIE-ish . ..
it was soooo good. .

ETA: Panthers. . . .hahahah. . ."Watch Your back, or you'll get scratched" that was super catchy! lmao
Did anyone else hear a CA teams music say "you just got scratched."? It sounded just like stingrays "you just got smoked.". Maybe it's just me?
CJA had a voiceover that said "better watch your back cuz you might get snatched" in their mix last year, that's what I thought of when I first heard panthers.
Wildcats have the same pyramid music as Top Gun IOC5 2010??! Can't be a quincidence with the voice over right after?
I don't think CA would purposely copy something from other's music.
is cheer athletics' REAL music going to be posted anytime soon? lol i would just listen to the video if i wanted to hear the audio from it..
Not open for further replies.