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Dec 15, 2009
Since UCA nationals are coming up it got me thinking about the show and what happened to some of the girls. I know Ryan is cheerleading at Bama and Amanda was at Tennessee not sure if she is still cheering there. Do anyone know if any of the other girls cheered on the collegiate level or is still involved in cheerleading?
Chelsea cheered at Uk her freshman year, and is not cheering anymore. She has a Beautiful little baby girl and is engaged..
I wish I remembered who was who
Chelsea was the short haired flyer, right?

There was also Katie, the senior in her first year cheering working on her punch front.
I heard Ayrica was at Louisville. Not cheering anymore. Not sure how accurate that info is though.
Megan & Alexa both went to UK but neither cheered.
Does anyone know if there will be another cheerleader nation coming about soon - i miss it sooo much and it is really old now!
Ayrica has a baby now...i was friends with her on myspace when the show was on lol creeper i know but it was cool