All-Star Cja Love!

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Ahh I feel like there are 2 or 3 CJA threads! haha the thread titled "I'm blown awayy..." or something is actually about CJA!
the look of the dance in as a front view.. is sickkning i love this dance!! loovve the sassy-ness flare to the whole music & routine! angel is doing a great job with this team!
did we ever find out when and where their show will be on?
According to someone on an old thread, they aren't allowed to disclose any information about the show... including when it's going to be aired. Someone also was curious as to whether or not they were still doing it because no one had seen camera crews at some competitions.
Central really is the deal, deal! Love that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve! It really is a great group of people!

They are really great kids who work so hard! It's great to watch nice people succeed. They won Cheersport last year and hopefully they can pull it off again but it will be tough with the Stingrays, Orlando, and the other talented sm senior 5 teams.
Central is the deal deal!!! double downn...the deal deal!!!!

Does anyone have a copy or can rip this music for me?!!?
NO ONE's music is ever locked up tight enough, you just gotta know the right people!! Just saying!