All-Star Contest For Twist & Shout T-shirts!!

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Mar 24, 2010
Orson has heard that many people on the fierceboard want Twist & Shout T-shirts so Saturday at 11:00 a.m. in room D163 we will be giving away 10 Twist and Shout T-shirts. You will have to answer a Twist and Shout trivia question to win a shirt. (Sizes may vary.) This should be fun!!

He says that "When we Twist you better Shout!" :)

Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend!!
Can I cheat and bring Courtney K. with me?
Haha, My guess is that she'll already be in there. lol ;) But ya, be my guest. ;)
Well, if I were the one making them up, I'd give ya a hint, but I have NO IDEA what he'll ask! lol Better brush up on your Shouter trivia!! hehe ;)
gym establishment/founded... cheers of the teams/gym (especially lg Limited Coed.. "bag of chips..Mmmmmm Tasty"), placements at worlds over the years.... ect would be questions I ask!
I'm not sure where Em will be at that time, lol. I will probably actually be in there coaching one of my teams at that time so maybe I'll get to meet some of ya'll!! :)
I just want to everyone know the t-shirt contest has been moved to 12:30 pm D163! We are excited to get to meet all our true fans! See you guys there!