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Great...as if damyouautocorrect.com doesn't keep me occupied and laughing enough at work.

Ok...Dear @imrichhowboutu Please stop posting things that will get me fired. :eek:Love Just-a-Mom

J/k I'm going to read those, post that on Facebook, and then I'll be back to read cheer ones on here. So post some!!!:)
Dear Fierceboard, please stop with the constant bullying on here. From, parents from across the country.
Dear All Of You Going To Worlds,

It's ok, it's not like I see your statuses pop up on my news feed counting down the days, or your "Can't wait till I'm in sunny Florida" comments. I just love seeing the "I get to see you again in 8 days" wall posts you put on you friends' wall. I'll just be stuck in gloomy New York, following the fun you're having at Disney here on the boards while locking myself in my room to study for finals. Really, no big deal.

Sincerely, I'm Not Jealous Or Anything...
Dear Worlds Competitors,
Please don't take this for granted. No matter what building you're in, or what place you got, you've still made it to the premier event in all of allstar cheer! It makes me sad to see people upset about the littlest things leading into next weekend.
Never got to compete at Worlds
Not open for further replies.