Does Anyone Have To Wear Practice Bows?

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WC has diffrent bows for each set of practice wear.... at least 4 on my cps team alone
No we dont for our gym yet. I would like to hear some coaches opinions on what this brings though? Just seeig if it is worth starting this.
one of the moms makes bows that match our two practice outfits, but we're not required to wear them!
i normally wear my own bows that i make
We have to wear last years comp bow to practice. and the first week of every month were allowed to wear what we like. I.e bows, spankies crop tops, other teams shirts.
yea one of the moms has a company and we buy them through the pro shop but we have to wear bows its required
we're not required to wear a bow but most girls do anyways & they're either ones they've made or bought online/at competitions:)