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Mar 6, 2010
Anyone make these?! I know, they're tacky but honestly I love making them and wearing them! They take so much less to make and I'm 10x better at it then making normal bows. Here's mine! If you make any post pictures!

Ummm, what do you use to back them? Tape and hair do not sound like a good combo…

another piece of tape on the back or if you want a smaller one fold it!

my friend makes them! i've made a couple with her stuff but yeah i'll try to find a picture of 1:)
omg i make these all the time! i thought i was the only one! i also decorate peoples crutches too! i make lots of money off this :)
nikaa_twist said:
they sell duct tape like this in US??? I need these.

I re-covered a seat of a stool with the pink and black zebra a couple of weeks ago for my daughter. Ppl told me to sell them after I posted pics lol. I love all the cool designs. Duct tape is already popular in the south but this makes it fun for the whole family!