All-Star Favorite Dance Period

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Youth :
CEA youth elite 2010 cheersport
Stingray allstars teal 2009 cheersport

Starlites 2010 cheersport
stingrays green 2011
Stingray allstars platnium 2010

Senior: (this list could go on for days)
cheer extreme ssx cheersport
WCSS worlds 08
Top Gun 2008
Stingray allstars frost 2010 cheersport
Stingray allstars orange 2010 & 2011
GymTyme Pink 2010
Cali Senior elite at NCA 2011
shooting stars + jamie parrish = best dance of all time. jamie is defintiely one of my favorite choreographers in the business. i know this year's routines were a little interesting but i know he was really busy and stressed and his gym had grown from 4 teams to 12 in one year. that being said, fashionista is by far my favorite dance that will ever be put out on a cheer mat. and IMO, it is the best dance of all time! those girls can WERK WERK WERK and that dance was just so creative and appealing.

speaking of jamie... GEORGIA COED 4 in 2009 and 2010 had amazing dances as well! I loved the Train to Georgia one SO much! And of course the i like butts one :)

Best Dances
1. Fashionista
2. Train to Georgia
3. I Like Big Butts