Favv Routime Of All Time

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May 26, 2011
There are teams who have unforgettable routines, like WC's Latin themed routine, 09-10.. etc. i wanna know who's routine you could watch a million times & could never get sick of , :)
i could post for days on this one....
i can't pick just one i have a million.

The routine that immediately inspired me.

love this routine

my FAVORITE stunt section

favorite junior level 5 routine
The quality of this vid is doo doo, but the energy from this team was amazing to feel last year! Grrr!

smoke '07 is timeless on my listtt, thanks for sending videos! love alllll of them, & i forgot how amazing Miami Elite 05's routine was, gahhh they're all so amazingg!
I can't pick ONE favorite routine...so...here's a some that i loved ;)
GA Coed 06 & 07
Stingrays Smoke 07
Senior Elite 2008
Premiere TN PUMAS!!! 09
GT Large International Coed 5 2008
GT Large Lim. 08
Top Gun 08
Cali Coed 08
WCSS 07 & 08
Power Large Senior 08
EE 09
...I'll stop at this point :tsnuami: