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Mar 13, 2010
Okay so this year I'm turning 16 and I wanted to go to the beach with my friends on Fall break. but I have 2 groups of best friends and we were all really close when we were young but as we got older we gradually separated and i just tried to stay friends with everyone. now i have about 12 friends i want to take and my mom's car can only hold 7 including me. See my problem? My mom and I looked at 15 passenger vans and they were too expensive. but I really want to go to the beach. I think it would be soo much fun but i don't know how to chose who to go! Any ideas on how to chose without making anyone mad?
Just choose based on you know who would have the most fun. I have friends that I've known forever that I know I can't do certain things with because I wouldn't have fun with them. Don't bring a debbie downer who's going to just sit on the beach by themselves while everyone else is in the water you know?
Think about the best group where everyone gets along. We all know that in highschool not everyone gets along so don't bring anyone that's apt to ruin your special day!
How much were the 15 passengers vans you were looking up? If you are only renting them for a day/overnight they shouldn't be too expensive.
they have to pay for their food but we live close enough that we can make it down in one tank of gas
But they should still chip in for that one tank, considering you're organising it all. It shouldn't cost that much if they split it evenly.