OT Fiercify Every School Supply !

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Jul 24, 2010

I put my fierce bow, and one of the headband bows on my school backpack. Anyone else incoporating cheer into school supplies?
I made a cheer bow and put it on my lacrosse bag. Does that count because the school gives it to us and we're required to use it? I also put a bow on my normal tote that I carry.
Hmmm...hoping cp doesn't see this because she will be hitting me up for extra bows for her bag lol
LOL If you need any just PM me :)

And as for this thread nope I have not fiercified any of my school stuff. Maybe I will soon?

Need or Want?? Haha in her eyes she can never have enough. She got in trouble recently and when I grounded her I grounded her from BOWS. They are more important to her than the phone or TV. And she is 12, it might make more sense if she was younger I guess but you would think a 12 year old would be more worried about losing her phone than her bows lol

My 1st graders bag!
She wanted to put her two favorite zebra bows on her zebra bag!
Plus her favorite pin from CA- smoed!