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Mar 19, 2023
My daughter is based in UK and is a flyer. She is very flexible and has amazing core strength. She is however 5ft 2 and weighs between 110lbs and 115lbs. Is her absolute love of flying realistic? We are working out how hard to chase this and how much she should just find a team who are less stressed by her size/build but aren't as competitive
Apologies she's just corrected me she's 98lbs to be fair I would be made if someone added 12lbs to my weight 🤣
Most people get mad and say size doesn't matter at all. Unfortunately that's not true. Height is an advantage in basketball, jut as being tiny is an advanatge for flying. Your daughter might get to fly/she might not. It will depend on the needs and make up of the team. The main thing is cheer is a team sport, to be successful in cheer you need to be willing to go where the Coach puts you.

Flying is somewhat based on size, however there is a lot more that goes into it. Some of my best flyers have been 'bigger' because they work harder to get themselves in the air and hold their weight up there by squeezing. I've also had some of the teeniest flyers who were actually not fun to work with because they did no work and couldn't squeeze anything because they had no muscle to squeeze. I have had flyers anywhere between 5'0" - 5'8", and probably about 100lbs to 130lbs easily (open 17+ team, so we're all adults).

It will also depend on her age and level. If she's looking at a U12 team, she likely won't fly because many athletes won't be able to base her. On a U18/open team, there's a good chance she would because her bases are likely closer to adult age too and have strength and muscle and technique.

Talk to her coaches and have her let them know what her goals are. They may not be able to fully accommodate them based on the team, but they can keep them in mind and offer suggestions for her to continue to improve her skills. And also, let her learn to base too. It will make her a stronger flyer in the end, and an overall better asset to her team. Knowing how big level 7 is getting too with international teams, if she knows how to base and ends up being a mid-layer on level 7 pyramids, she'll have the skill base and technique to be seriously good at it. The more she can learn, the better she can help her team
Thank you I appreciate that. She's 14 so straddling that junior/senior line. She is sadly an absolute terrible base and far to short to back spot but she can definitely try to work on it for the reasons you mention. I think she needs to push up the levels so it's more based on skills/strength than purely being a 4ft pre teen 75lb flyer