All-Star Help Not Turning Out In Splits? Needle Help!

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May 19, 2018
CP has both splits all the way down working oversplits on both legs. However, when her right leg is in front she struggles with keeping her hips in place to essentially not fall out. This proves to be quite upsetting for her when she tries to reach back into the "needle split." At the gym , coaches or someone usually holds her in place, but I can't always be there to hold her when she stretches at home lol. I tried googling solutions, but to my dismay couldn't find many results pertaining to this.

Additionally, can anyone please recommend some needle stretches that you've found most helpful? Preferably focusing on upper back flexibility. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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ehhh. This makes me nervous. I know coaches encourage stretching at home... but over stretching (i.e. over splits/ needles/ etc.) are so dangerous if not done correctly. Especially if the kid is still young. I am almost inclined to say leave that kind of stretching in the gym.

I know there is a thread on here from years ago that talks about a 'correct' needle, and what 90% of kids do that is 'incorrect' and putting a huge strain on their lower backs and causing early back problems. I will try and find it for you.