High School High School Aacca Rule Questions

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Dec 14, 2009
Released transition stunts must be braced on at least one side. Note: This applies to stunts such as tic tocs where a stunt has taken place and is then released to another stunt. It does not apply to releases during load-in stunts such as a Switch Liberty from the ground. An additional spotter for the bracer(s) is not required unless the release meets the definition of a “Released Pyramid Transition”.

For the above rule would a high low high tick tock with the backspot grabbing the ankle on the way down be legal? I am just double checking because the wording says braced on one side, which could refer to a pyramid bracer, would the backspot count as the bracer?

If anyone has a great deal of knowledge in high school rules I would love to send some videos to you just to double check a few routines I did. PM me please! Thanks in advance.
Low to High with the back holding on while the other bases let go is legal. It's not considered a release move with the back holding on.
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