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Apr 7, 2010
How does you high school coach deal with allstar cheerleading? My coach DESPISES allstars and if you breathe a word about it she glares at you. She doesn't care about allstars schedule and she even put tryouts during a competition. What do your coaches think about it? :cheer:
My old hs coach also coaches at a gym. We were required to take tumbling classes there and go there for some practices. She begged people to join them and would try to work out practice schedules with the gym owner. It drove me crazy. One of the reasons I quit haha

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Wow your coach is a nut case lol. I'm an assistant coach now, and me and the head coach wanted to coach all stars in the first place. So we're really into it.
One of my high school coaches coached a special needs all star team. And the other coach didn't know much about all stars.
My school coach coaches at one of our rival gyms, and she used to coach at my gym. So she has issues with the gym. So she's really into allstar, not so much our gym. She'll make little comments about our gym sometimes, but usually it's not THAT bad. And luckily my allstar coach is really understanding when it comes to school cheer.
In West Virginia cheering is classified as a sport so it's a law that you can't do high school & all-star at the same time, so that takes care of that haha
my coach doesnt allow us to do allstar. i have wanted to the past few years but its not allowed, she wants us to be completely committed to our team and not having to miss practices for allstar and stuff like that. we practice or have games 6 days a week for atleast 2 hours and tumbling on our off day so it would be hard to do another team with our schedule so i understand her decision.
My high school coach made me pick between all stars and school cheer. My parents make me do school cheer so I have something to put on my college resume, and unfortunatley, I had to quit all stars. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do and every once in a while, I still get EXTREMELY upset about it. I wish my coaches would work together to compromise a schedule. I really do love cheer and wish I could do both teams. ):
My coach doesn't seem to like all stars very much. She makes me feel bad if I have to leave even 5 minutes early for all star practice or if I talk to the girls about it. Last year she made one girl choose between high school and all stars because there was a bit too much conflict.
I had two high school coaches and one HATES allstar, while the other (who pushed us harder) coached/owned my allstar gyms rival :)
In MA, it's a big rule that your high school team comes before any other commitment/sport/whatever. So my coach won't go around allstars....even though I'm on another two teams besides hers....Allstars in my mind is priority to me so that kind of stinks. My gym is pretty good about going around my high school schedule. It's just when my HS schedule gets out of control is when my allstar coaches get mad.
Most schools in my area have a rule against it, but my coach honestly couldn't care less:) My allstar team comes far before my school team though.
my high school coach seemed to make a big deal out of people doing both, she said that she didnt care but it was obvious she had an issue. I ended up quiting my varsity squad my senior year actually because just out of luck my first competition of the season for both my high school and allstar squads were the same competition. I had competed in the morning with my allstar team, and me and my high school coach got into a fight because she expected me to leave my allstar squad right when my high school team got there. This was before all the teams in my gym were even done competition and even before my awards. After all the drama was over with she also told me in warm ups for my high school that I had to water down my pass for no reason, when i had landed a much more complicated pass with my allstar team earlier that morning. So i decided i wasnt going ot deal with her politics anymore, and stuck to one team.
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