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Mar 20, 2017
Oklahoma, USA
Hi! :D

Soo this will be my first year ever trying out for cheer, and while I'm super nervous I'm working as hard as I can to get ready. I take dance classes so I'm already kinda flexible, but I've been wondering how some things work and I haven't been able to find the answers yet... So I was wondering if y'all could help me? :eek:

Question 1 is how do tryouts work (typically)? Like what are the kinds of things you do there/have to do? (Don't worry, I know everyone's different, I just mean in general/basic stuff)

Question 2 is when does the season typically start? The specific team I'm trying out for seems to practice over the summer but I'm not too sure when the actual season - as in the competitive season - usually starts. When do competitions usually start happening?

Question 3 is any tips for tryouts or practicing stuff in general? I've looked up videos, blog posts, etc. but I thought asking people directly would be a good way to get more personal stuff that they've learned or taught. Oh and what are the kinds of moves/stunts I should practice? (I'm going to be for the level 1 or level 2 team, and at the end of my post is a list of stuff I can do/am working on atm)

Thanks so much in advance! I really appreciate it! Oh, and my tryouts are May 13th. Wish me luck! :D

List of stunts/flips/stuff I can do:
Backward roll
Forward roll
(Working on) Handstand forward roll
(Working on) Handstands
Back bend
(Working on/can do but with a spotter) Backward Walkover & Kickover
(Working on/can do but with a spotter) Front Walkover
(Working on/can do but with a spotter) Roundoffs
Toe touches
Jump splits
Aug 4, 2015
Hey, welcome to the boards!!! haha don't be nervous, tryouts are actually really fun!

Answer to question #1: Tryouts are different for everyone (I'm guessing). A gym could have a 2-day tryout, one day dedicated to tumbling. Everyone would be split into different levels and/or age group and work on tumbling. We would work on simple stuff like everyone (if you have the skills) would showcase there round-off back hand spring. Thenthen work our way up to more higher difficult tumbling (such as a double back hand spring and then later work up to round off back hand spring tuck). And so on. Day 2 would be dedicated to stunting, we would first work on preps to squish down, then work our way up to prep to cradle, then extension squish, then extension cradle, then one leg prep, then one leg extension, then 2-leg prep full down, and so on and so on. Again, I don't know how different gyms work.

Answer to question #2: The season usually starts a week after tryouts, so maybe mid-late May. Competition season could vary, as my current gym had there show-case in November, and first started competing in December. Another gym could have there show-case in January and compete the next weekend. Some teams even compete as early as October!

Answer to question #3: My only tip I would give to you is to not be nervous as you could freak out and not do as a good job as you would have like.

Anyway, good luck and have fun!!!!


Cheer Parent
Sep 20, 2013
I have no tips about tryouts, as I have never been a cheerleader....only a cheer mom.

But for my CP's gym start in May and their first competition is usually at the end of October. And last competition (not including Summit) ends in early April.


Cheer Parent
Jul 13, 2015
Oklahoma City
CP's gym does closed tryouts with 2-3 athletes at a time. I'm not entirely sure the process since it's closed, but they show off their tumbling and certain jumps and afterwards are given their tryout sheet that says how they did and what tumbling class they can take. They are then put in practice groups for about a month and may move around during that time. Official teams are announced towards the end of June.

The season starts the week after they announce practice groups. They do take a couple of weeks off in the summer. Showcase is usually in November and first competition is either November or December.

Good luck!

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Apr 1, 2017
good luck!! as far as 1 and 2 I think others have answered pretty well. For question 3, show what you can do and be proud!! an athlete confident in their skills is way more impressive to coaches than one who looks disappointed in themselves the whole time!! good luck! and remember to have fun!!!!
Mar 18, 2017
Good luck! The first competitions are in November for most. Our cheer season begins right after tryouts and placements. Usually around the first week of June. Have fun, be yourself, and show good sportsmanship!!!
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