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Dec 15, 2009
Hi everyone!

We need a dance song for HotCheer HOT5 (Small Coed 5). We got our mix today from JR and it's absolutely AMAZING! All that is left is the dance. I know you all will have the best ideas!

Whoever suggests the dance song we use will be the first to get the mix!

I forget where this starts now.. I had it in my head then forgot
I think around 3:00 is where I've alllllways wanted a team to dance to, and if anyone could make that into a decent dance mix, it'd be JR.
or around 3:35 on there's a few parts that might be alright
Could be! I'm thinking mix it up a bit, and maybe speed it up slightly and WHAM! I used to love this song, and her!
is there a theme / feel to the music?

just a few i thought of off the top of my head
Welcome to the Club - Manian
Hard to Handle - Black Crowes
My Moves Are White (White Hot That Is) - Cobra Starship
The Downfall of Us All - A Day To Remember
Just A Little Bit - Adelitas Way

Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry could probably be a really fun dance if done right too.