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Nov 9, 2010
How did you start cheering? Share ur story here..
Here's mine:
I started cheering only 1 year ago but I was a gymnast before that. I was getting really tired of gymnastics and I wanted to try something new. So I tried out for my middle school
cheer team. I made the squad, and I ended up loving it. Next year I plan on doing all star cheer.

What's ur cheer story?
I was forced to do gymnastics hated it. My friend then introduced me to pop warner cheering where you actually cheer on teams but then my mom signed me up for all star... but then i quit within like 2 weeks because i wanted to cheer on football(and i was lonely). then later i hated cheering on football and i watched 2by2videos a whole ton and i was like "I WANNA DO WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!" so when i signed up for all star (again) i thought i was going to be stunting like one legged double downs and throwing fulls(this was 5th grade)... not how it turned out to be but im quite happy :)
My neighbor and she wasmy best friend of the time, her mom signed her up for an all-star team and then watching her do things in her yard and go to competitions and that i wanted to do it and so the next year (2nd grade) i signed up and i stayed at that gym for 3 years and then when 2 of my coaches went to a different gym i followed them the next year and i have been at my current gym 4 years and i love it <3 all-star cheering has officially became my life :)
My old gym, like 6 years ago, to advertise before tryouts would do mall demos
small routines, and easy skills but stuff that would impress people who had no idea what cheerleading really was
i was like amazed and tried outt
I switched from public to a private school going into 6th grade and you were allowed to try out for cheerleading at that age. (the school only went to 8th grade) My best friend went to that school already and cheered, so she taught me some basics and I tried out and made it with her. I cheered for the summer and 2 months into the school year, when I switched back to the public school all my other friends went to. You couldn't try out there until 7th grade, so I waited until the end of the year. I tried out going into 7th grade and was one of 20 picked out of about 200 who tried out.

I don't really know how I heard about allstars. I guess someone mentioned in to me in middle school practice. I googled gyms around our area and happened across the ACX website. I didn't tell my mom, and I called the gym and set up and try out time myself. (This was the end of my 6th grade year, so they were a few months into the season already) hahaha. I told my mom, and she freaked out. Rightfully so, because she didn't know anything about this cheerleading world. She called the gym and canceled my tryout and set up a time to go talk to them. We went up together and once she found out how much money it was, she pretty much said no. We waited it out a few weeks and I begged and begged and finally she let me try out just to see what team I would make. I got put on a Junior 3, who happened to have practice directly after my tryout time so the coach asked me to stay and just watch practice. I convinced her to stay, fell in love, and that was all she wrote. No one on my middle school team at the time understood what I did because I was the only person from my side of town who cheered for that gym, or did allstars period.

I only did allstars for a while, but I eventually cheered for my high school team my junior and senior year. Junior year I did both, and Senior I only did school.
8 years ago, when I was 7, I took tumbling classes at a local allstar gym. My mom wanted me to be able to make the high school cheer squad when I got to high school. Then she realized that if I tried out for allstar, then I would have have an even better shot at making it as opposed to only taking tumbling classes. I remember begging for her to not make me do allstar. I cried and whined because I didn't want to cheer. Then she told me to just try it for 1 year and if I didn't like it, then I would never have to do it again. I instantly fell in love after like a month of being on the team and I am so glad that my mom pushed me to try out!
For me, at the end of 4th grade, my mom told me her friends daughter had tried out for a competitive cheering team and she tried to force me to do it to. I was hesitant because she had already made me do like every sport known to man kind but I tried it anyways because I was always dancing around the house and doing cartwheels. After a few practices I was like, okay, I sort of like this. But one competition, and I was hooked. Been cheering ever since :)
i was in 4th grade i think and my mom put my sister (5th grader) in it just for something to do for fun. i went to all the competitions and just watched. then at my sister's last competition she asked if i wanted to do it. you can guess my answer :)
In 2nd grade, they said something on the morning announcments about tryouts for the local rec organization, so I asked my mom. Up until the night of tryouts, my mom didn't think i would make it. But somehow i ended up being the youngest on the team, everyone was a year older! haha. Around 4th grade, a neighbor mentioned to us an all star team called Olympic All Stars. After a lot of begging and coercing, they signed me and my sister up. We only did that for a year because the program ended up closing. But around 6th grade i would say, my mom and her friend opened up and all star team which i did til we closed 3 years ago. I'm on Katz All Stars now, and its my last year. Hopefully, i'll cheer in college, but im not definite yet.
I was in gymnastics and the 8th grade cheer tryouts were coming up at the end of 7th grade and my best friend at the time was trying out. She told me that if you had a backhandspring you were practically given a spot. So I deceided to try out and ended up making the team. So when tryouts for 9th grade came around I decided to tryout again but I didn't I would make it so I also made an appointment at a kinda local all-star gym (that my sister had cheered at years before) to tryout the following day. I made a senior level 3 team (and my 9th grade team haha) but we ended up dropping down to level 2. Then a girl tore her ACL and they asked me to fill in on junior 3 for a competition and I ended up being on the team for the rest of the year and I was so excited, even though on j3 I had to backspot haha.
Like so many Jersey girls, I started out on Pop Warner. It was entirely my mom's idea, who signed me up when I was eight. Back then, my town's Pop Warner organization didn't make it mandatory to compete, so for two years my friends and I stuck to the sidelines. We finally competed when I was ten and even though we didn't even place, I'd experienced competitive cheerleading and never wanted to go back. I joined a rinky-dink all star team after that, but I'm pretty sure that disbanded after two years because they majority of us left. Most of my cheer friends transferred to another gym, but my parents refused to travel that far for practices and there were no other affordable gyms close enough to us, so that was the end of my all star cheer career. (One of the biggest regrets of my life, to be honest.) After a year off, I was on my high school's varsity team, but it just wasn't the same. :(

If I had a time machine...
ok . so in 05-06 season my sister was cheering..(this is my topic for college app btw) .. he and i were saying how gay it would be for guys to cheer.. (yes i was that kind of boy).. i had a bet with him.. eagles vs cowboys... eagles got whooped .. and i signed up.. the first days i got my tuck.. the 2nd day i met my best friend(tyler- who i have been reunited with at SJS) ... him and i went to a comp and loved the adrenaline rush and literally fell in love with the sport.. since them him and i went on too winning cheersport our second year.. ad hes medaled at worlds the past two years.. this is my last year.. and i hope i go out with a bang :)
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