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Apr 5, 2010
I love the cheer pet peeves now im starting this one were we can talk about things we like in routines!
I like in general when teams have little bits of creativity! Like when Top Gun did the magazine thing at the end of there dance! Or when teams do skirt changes. Also i loved last year when World Cup SS did the yellow feather in the dance!
I also love innovative pyramids :)
I like it when teams fight for their stunts, and if a stunt falls they act like it never happened. I like it when teams support each other when they're on the mat. Like a high five, pat on the back, or a fist bump. And I LOVE it when there's an extra person in the back of stunts, and they're jumping up and down when the stunts hit. Those things make me happy =]
When WHOLE TEAMS hug at the end of a routine. Or like dog pile (Gold Star Galacy Worlds 08<3)

When if a important stunt (like the other stunt can't go in a pyramid) falls or doesn't go up, the fallen stunt will watch the other side going and clap, jump up and down and really support each other. (JCP Scotcheer 2010)

When you're talking during the routine, or just shouting to each other. I.E. C'mon Lisa, you got it! <3
Yeah we always try to encourage each other during the routine (if we have enough breath to get a few words out). I love when flyers are flexible and hit their motions really hard. And when teams hit a perfect routine and they're so excited so they WORK OUT the dance.