Music I Need A Very Experienced Music Trader To Help Me Find A Mix From The 07-08 Season

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Jun 12, 2010
theres this one mix, i dont know wat team or division, but i know one of the songs in it and it came out before december in 2007 during the 07-08 season and i cant remember what mix it was. my harddrive erased so i lost it. I got the mix with a bunch of fierce allstars and stingray mixes in either november or december in 07.
would you be able to recognize it?
it has cn tiki's 09 pyramid music thats all i can remember but im desperate to find this mix and the song is called Me by Kina.
it has these lyrics:
"I'm just me, I'm enough
With myself I'm in love
I've been weak, I've been low
Made me strong, now I know
I'm just me...
I wish everybody could just feel this kind of love"

I think it's played during the teams running tumbling, its sped up kinda fast
If you can help me please pm me its been bugging me for years to not have this mix, i cant believe i dont remember what team it was

A HUGE THANK YOU if you can help me and i may be able to hook you up with a mix if you are trust worthy to not give it out

I was supposed to... lol! But the sound on my computer stopped working. ShutItDown, didn't you say it was like Tiki Torch? Or was that just another team that used the same song? :)
it was another team that used tiki torches pyramid music. i feel like if you search the date that it was downoaded into your computer it would be easier to narrow it down that way
I transferred all my music to my laptop in July so that wont work. When my dad fixes my sound drive tonight, I'll look it up :)
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