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Jan 3, 2011
As cheer in the UK and many other countries around the world continue to grow at incredible rates should the IASF (or anyone else?) open regional divisions to keep up with demand and help govern the sport globally? How big would cheer in, say Europe need to get for this to be a profitable venture?

We all know on this forum how many problems we as a community in the UK have come up against as a result of there being no official governing body. Should IASF be employing their regional directors to do more than just credential? To me this seems like the logical solution as it means we will be working forwards to set global standards of consistency.

Also, my fierceboard username is playing up, if someone doesn't mind could you post something similar in the international section as I'd quite like to see what people from other countries think on this topic. Thanks!
since september there is a european cheer union: europeancheerunion.com
they are in coorperation with icu.

also elite germany has good bounds with iasf, you can get bid for worlds at their competitions and their flag is at worlds every year.

maybe contact one of those to talk about it and maybe they can bring it up to iasf or find a solution for it?