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Mar 29, 2010
If everyone thinks making the scoring open for everyone to see will show any judging bias or missed points why not on this very public forum can't coaches come together for the good of the sport and post yours from the competitions? It could be an experiment and finally put some control in the gyms hands and accountability on the judging table. If you think it's a good idea why not agree to give it a try and see if it does indeed help. I'm just a mom but if I see something in my field that needs addressing and the board doesn't wanna listen we figure out a way. You have the perfect platform...right here!
I agree with you in principle, but that would allow people to see other scores without being required to show their own. Also, there would be no guarantee of accuray.
Of course those are possibilities but if coaches posted from a given event then inaccuracies would be very evident. I'm also thinking that if it fixes a problem the gyms perceive as a problem then being ethical in it's execution should be a given. I know when fierceboards first started being knowing what to say and how to say it was an issue but those that embraced it have reached enormous popularity in the sport. It's tough to be a maverick but mavericks change things. just my two cents of nothingness. Only trying to help.
There is a term from game theory that describes that situation. (everyone gains if everyone contributes, however, it is in each individual's own best interest if THEY don't contribute, but everyone else does - leading to no one contributing). I can't remember . . . Anyone?
Prisoners Dilema
Honestly, I don't the think the EP's should give the coaches a vote. Just release the scores. Those that are opposed to it will learn to live with it. @MissBee is right, a coach should be able to watch a routine and know where there are weaknesses. Seeing the scores shouldn't be what points out that weakness. I like knowing which particular sections I'm being outscored in. More importantly, you can see the inconsistency (or lack of) through the judging panel. If I get my score sheets, and my scores are extremely low, I don't know if it's just a low scoring panel, or they just didn't like my team.

As far as posting my scores on here, that has no benefit unless every coach in my divisions at every competition does the same thing. It doesn't help me any to share my scores, if no one else does. I already know my scores.
I would love to have all scores made public. I've wanted to see this for years.
I know my judging range, and when we meet just before a comp, I let everyone on my panel know what my range typically is and that I'm VERY VERY VERY tough when it comes to tumbling (I have a gymnastics background, so I have high expectations as I know what is physically possible and what SHOULD be taught). I let them know so that if they see my sheet they don't think "uh oh, I'm too high/low" I remind everyone to go with what THEY think is appropriate, and if they do that for every routine-they will score consistently throughout the comp. I worry more about MY scores being consistent across the comp, than about my scores being close to the other judges on my panel.
I do think that scores (broken down and deductions) should be posted at the end of each day and finals. This is done in other sports (ie: boxing they break down the number of hits or what ever, baseball they count balls, strikes and errors and in golf they show the golfers score for each hole plus any penalty strokes assessed).