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Nov 3, 2010
What level would you want to coach?

I want to coach a mini level 3 team. Little kids are just too cute on the floor.
youth or junior for any level! Youth kids are so cute but can be very focused. Junior kids are old enough for you to yell at. lol. And they usually don't have nearly as much attitude as senior girls.
My daughter fell in love with cheer on her mini 2 team! I love watching minis. Not sure I would go to Seniors- too many attitudes! :)
youth 2, mini 2, or senior four
random! i know!
i would eventually want to coach senior 5 large but not to start. its alot of responablity to get used to with all the pressure to win all the time and help the team succeed and be the best they can
Small senior 5, only because I prefer the choreography side of coaching and I don't like having so many restrictions. A small group of really talented elite athletes that could execute what I envision would make me happy.
I love youth 2. Thankfully my small gym has a large youth two this year. So EXCITED. & level 5 would be fun too!!