Music Introducing Crimson Aka Lee Andes On Behalf Of Slapfire!

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Apr 6, 2011
The first hottnezz to come out of the SlapFire Studio. Crimson has only been working here since April 1st. He works Mon-Fri 12-8pm here at 143, INC. He's been an amazing apprentice and an occasional teacher. He's helped SlapFire with our lyrics and our song dynamics and is planning on taking the Cheer World by storm.

For all of you Cheer Music collectors out there: This is Lee's first release. He remixed Tonight by Enrique Iglesias. This is just the first of many too come.The mix is either here at or here . First one in the Playlist for listening and downloading! Love the feedback and enjoy!

If you want more information on what Crimson does or listen to his fire tracks, check out his facebook page with all of his music.