All-Star I've Never Seen This Team Before...

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They've really improved over the years. I think 09 was their first year at worlds with their Junior (coed?) 5 team. Then they sent this team last year!
They are extremely good! I saw them at Spirit Fest! They competed up against our large limited Coed! They have really improved since last year! Way to go Sparks! :D
I saw this thread an the fIrst thing I thought was 'sparks' I saw them for the first time at spirit fest, and I was like whoa! I've never seen them but there good ! All their teams were really good, I was totally routing for them :) !
I was so incredibly impressed with Sparks' Senior 5 team this year when I saw them at Spirit Fest. I agree that if they clean it up then they could be top contenders for a globe. All their teams were extremely good this year. There has been a lot of great talent coming out of the northeast recently.
Very impressive stunts! Small flys, but impressive nonetheless!!
I agree the first time I saw them was at Spirit Fest and I was so impressed with all of their teams.
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