All-Star Jamfest 2013-fight For The Bids

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Mar 31, 2010
Just looked at the schedule today....a lot of teams coming for those bids...should be an exciting one to watch...especially with Kernersville, Charlotte & Green Bay teams in the house!
Green Bay already got there full paid at WSF, the toughest competitors are out of the way due to majors for the most part. I think Matrix Vortex has a good shot at the full paid, hoping lady lightening rocks it out as well!
Dec 9, 2010
Pittsburgh Pa
Im not 100% but Jamfest is sending out teams competing in Emails and it only has 1 Ice team in small senior, and I know some parents of kids on the team from Fort Wayne who said Black Ice 'Fort Wayne' is going.

The final schedule and teams attending has not been release so who knows! Hopefully someone from ICE will read this and help clarify, because I do not know for fact, just word of mouth.

Lady Lightning is going, and UA was not that impressive at WSF... I would go with ICE
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