All-Star Japan Suffers From Another Earthquake

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Sep 17, 2010
I have a friend that lives over there and he said there was another BIG earthquake that hit today (which is Thursday night over there) . They also had issued a Tsunami warning and told people to seek higher grounds and to stay away from the shore line. That warning was later lifted. I feel so bad for everyone over there.
My heart goes out to them, I have friends over there as well and had trouble getting through to them. They are luckily ok.
It breaks my heart when I hear all the sad news from Japan. Soooo, we are doing some things to cheer them up and help out! Our jr board at Cheer for a Cause will be posting an event this weekend on facebook where teams can donate a Worlds shirt or bow (at Worlds) to be eBay auctioned off in packages to benefit Japan! We will also be releasing a shirt designed by Karma Returns to help aid our cheer family and the people of Japan. And, a cheerleader in Japan is designing a postcard too! Visit our site at for info. If you would like to leave a note or video message, you can post it up here...
My friend is in the navy, and he's stationed in Tokyo. I haven't heard from him in a while. Which is scary. Praying for everyone.