Jim Lord was also scheduled to testify in Quinnipiac University for Volleyball team

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Im putting this in The Industry because this doesnt relate specifically to Allstar.
Also, is the trial over? What exactly is this? Explain to our readers, por favor.

(and because 99% of them probably have no clue who Jim Lord is)
The trial is over. And this is like the legal document stating what the trial is for and who is what, etc..

Jim Lord is the Director of American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators. Most high schools and college coaches should, if not required, to possess a certification from AACCA.

My guess is he did not end up testifying because he probably would not have said much to help the Volleyball players' case. He most likely was there more for safety facts and statistics that might have even help QU more than then volleyball players.
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