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Jan 12, 2011
who's gonna own the thrown this year?
i'm pretty sure this thread was made before but i wanted to make a new one :)
Spirit of Texas!
im usually a shouters fan but judging from what i've seen so far it's spirit's to lose. although i'm always pulling for my shouters!
does anyone have a video of SOT this year!? i haven't seen them yet! and i wonder whos gonna be top 5 this year!!
yeahhh have loved T&S for a long time, but I doubt it's their's this year
I think Charlotte is in amazing shape if they hit, of course SOT, and maybe Smoke!
Just call us your Quad squad....
Seriously though this division is fierce this year between T&S, Texas Co-Red, Spirit, Charlotte, Rays....can't wait to see the preview of Worlds at NCA!!
This weekend 2 of the Paid bid winners will be going head to head at Cheer America...
I know for sure from what I have seen and my daughter has seen, its going to an EXTREMELY close battle!
I love this division, it's probably one of my favorites. I'm definently torn between Twist & Shout, Spirit of Texas, and Stingrays Smoke. But deep down inside I'm cheering/hoping for Rays to pull through. But Idk this is def a FIERCE division.