Layout Vs. Back Pike - Which Is Worth More?

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Apr 29, 2011
I read somewhere that in all-star cheer, a back pike is worth more than a layout. Is this true? That confuses me, because in gymnastics at least, a layout is more difficult than a pike. Or maybe I'm not understanding what a "back pike" is in cheerleading? I'm assuming it's a back flip that's piked the whole way around? Any insights into this? Thanks! :)
I don't think I've ever seen someone do a pike intentionally in cheer, I think it is justa result of poor technique when attempting a layout.
people never seen a backwards pike in level 4.... o__O well i certainly have. No one does real layouts anymore, just do a bent whip. i find them quite ugly and shows you dont have stomach muscles to stay hollow.
I hate hate hate when someone is clearly supposed to be doing a layout and they pike it down. It shows poor technique and, honestly, you know the gym is saying "chuck it".
You can tell the difference between a piked "layout" and an intentional pike. A piked layout is more whippy and lower with an open pike position, an intentional pike has an actual set and a tight pike position. When these piked layouts are done in routines, I will specifically write on the score sheet "do not pike down your layouts, pick one skill and execute it properly"
Just a personal reflection: I think layouts would be a more impressive skill to throw because it shows the potential for fulls and more complex tricks like kick fulls and doubles whereas pikes don't lead into anything, even though it is a fun trick to have.