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Dec 14, 2009
I have an athlete looking at colleges for next year and he doesn't have the greatest grades. What do you guys know about Lindenwood coed cheer? Are they good. My athlete is a good single base stunter. Has a solid toss lib and can do toss awesome currently. This is only after 2 years of cheer. Has a standing back tuck and running tuck. Would this school continue to advance his skills or just hold him back.
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Lindenwood was a GREAT school! I cheered there 3 years. I got there with a standing tuck and tossed chair- and left with a double full specialty pass and a rewind. I of course was a gym rat, but I definatley wasnt held back. They're Coed team is really good this year. They are Small coed but are working to build back up to Large Coed where we used to dominate. They have probably about half squad running fulls and a pretty nice stunt sequence. They throw 5 double full baskets, etc. Definatley a great college squad with skills. Ill PM you some more info, but hope this helps.