High School Little advice... Daughter didn't make the team

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Apr 11, 2011
The small town atmosphere makes it worse.. Where everyone knows everyone... Little Suzie makes the team because the coach is friends with her mom, happens everywhere I'm sure.
We live in a small town too. We made the drive so my girls could cheer at woodlands elite. It was worth it, made lots of great memories.
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May 15, 2011
Knoxville, TN
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Similar situation happened to me and my best friend in middle school. My 6th grade year I threw a standing tuck and a roundoff full, so did she. We didn't make the middle school team. The girls who did make it couldn't even do a backwalkover or a bhs, which sucked. I was really hard on myself and just continued all-star, but my best friend ended up with a mental block after it just because she was so hard on herself. and the same thing happened my 7th grade year (threw the same skills). Finally made it in 8th grade, and then my freshman year of high school I was the only freshman who made the competition team. If that didn't happen in middle school, I dont think I would have taken all the extra time to work on my motions, flexibility, jumps and technique. I think it made me a better cheerleader, and now a better coach because I can help correct the small things to help make well rounded athletes.
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