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Jan 7, 2010
So Gyms across the country have teamed up to sell the Midwest Cheer Elite Blue Ribbon Tshirt. All proceeds will go to the Morris and Blair families. Shirts are $10. In order to keep costs down Gyms will have to email us and let us know they want to participate. All gyms are welcome and the more the better. Gyms will take and keep track of all their orders. They will send us one sizes spread sheet and one check. All orders will then be drop shipped directly to the gym. So if you would like to participate please talk to your owners. it has been amazing to see so many gyms step up and support one of our own in a time of crisis. We will only be taking orders for a limited time so please act quick. email: [email protected] for further details.

If we don't belong to a gym is there any way we could still get one?

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So we can't buy them individually :(

We preferr not to. Because we getting into individual shipping and stuff. If its only a couple i wouldnt mind to do it myself. But i can see that getting out of control. I will buy 100 extra and bring them to Jamfest Supernationals to sell
Love it! I would buy it individually too. Let me know if you can do it and I'd pay for shipping to me
When do they want orders done by? I was going to ask our gym to have them in by the 10th of December. Should I do sooner than that?
Oh I just sent an order to the email. I actually saw it on Facebook and it didn't specify that you had to be from a gym :(. Didn't realize we couldn't order them individually and my gym is closed now. Can I pay for shipping? A friend just sent me 3 leotards for my daughter in the mail and it was only $2.25. I have no prob chipping in extra for shipping. A flat rate priority mail box is $4.95, so I could even send an extra $5 if you want to go that route. Or could someone from a gym take our order (2 shirts) and ship them to me? I'm about an hour from Columbus, Ohio.

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