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Off Topic
Nov 18, 2010
Disney land
Retired From Cheer
So Jammy is a very weird looking mascot of Jam Brands competition. He's one of those inflated costumes, and he generally creeps/scares all. There was a gif of him being deflating at an awards ceremony which brought joy to all.

BSB is Brandon Senior Black. They are a coed team, based out of Brandon All Stars in Florida. Perennial favorites that had a run of some serious bad luck in Finals at Worlds several years in a row. The falling down the stairs pic was I believe created in response to one of their performances.
I had to explain Jammy to someone because of the Jamfest 1st place banner her team won--his face is prominently displayed in the center and the kids were like "what is that...?"

I felt so. old.


Cheer Parent
Nov 22, 2013
The falling down stairs girl is Lizzy- I think that was the name she used here.

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