All-Star Mr. Ed's Last Request

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Dec 14, 2009
Since we have been beating a lot of deceased horses lately, I figured we could fulfill Mr. Ed's dying request of not bringing up certain topics for at least a couple of months (I'll take weeks). I'll start and you add on! So here it goes:
1. 1st place team celebrating
2. overused songs. we all know what they are.
3. f5/panthers and the division they will be competing in
4. that awkward moment when a joke has gone on a for a page and a half and now we're just repeating the same thing but perhaps there is an inflection in your voice that no one else can hear bc we're only getting the words on the screen. words on the screen? (my voice went up on screen)
5. that awkward moment...

I fear this thread may become a parody of itself but i'm willing to take that risk
I heard they were sending Senior Restricted to worlds. I really hope cosmic rays get a bid.