All-Star Nca Or Cheersport??

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Yeah I definitely agree. I love NCA.. But what about the competition itself? I heard something about 900 teams going to Cheersport this year?? But it seems like NCA doesnt have nearly that many that attend. I was wondering why?? lol
Id like to win both actually lol but I'm more excited to going to nca than cheersport.
I've always liked Cheersport more and I don't know that I can really pinpoint it. It's partly because they were the first to allow a special needs team to perform, but that's not just it. It's partly because everyone of the people that I've ever dealt with make it their primary mission to solve your problem and make your trip enjoyable, but that's not just it. It's partly because the event runs more smoothly (year after year) than any other event I've ever attended, but that's not just it either.

Obviously, it's all of those things plus the innovations in spring floor safety, level play competition, sufficient warm up, constant attention to pain points for the parents, gym owners, athletes and spectators.

They never rest on their laurels and just remain satisfied that they are the biggest.

And this is not meant to demean NCA or Justin or anything about that competition.
I pick Cheersport because there is so much to do even when your not competing. There is always something going on
NCA-at cheersport the level 5 cheerleader are the only ones that get leather jackets. at NCA every level gets it. it gives you the sense that all levels deseve something special
I've been to both and I like them both! I have to say NCA is more of an honor to win for me (personally I like the jackets wayyyyy more at NCA). But NCA is so intense. I was having way more fun at Cheersport. :) But NCA will always be my pick.