Need A Cool Tumbling Pass..

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Apr 11, 2010
Fulls got taken away from my state's high school cheering.. So now our most difficult passes are anything with whips. If you know any cool, creative passes involving whips or multiple whips (one pass we thought of was a roundoff whip, handspring step out, turn roundoff handspring layout.) please post them here and help us out !! and keep in mind that in West Virginia, we compete on hardwood basketball floor... :( hahah, thank you!
punch front RO whip whip BHS BHS layout stepout.
RO BHS whip BHS BHS layout (Land ,&& continue this going back to the opposite direction) punch front RO BHS layout stepout!
Thanks guys.. I'll try those without the punch front. Those on wood floor don't exactly go well lol

But thanks so much !
u could do a front walkover infront of those passes instead of a punchfront since the floors are hard
I would say arabian, but if they took away fulls im assuming they took away and twisting tumbling skills. If you put a whip-whip into the pass, im sure you will be ahead of most!
Theres an amazingly hard one depending if ya'll allowed to half twist to hands .. but yeah... Punch front step out, flip, whip half twist, front handspring step out, arabian. back tuck. :D looks cooler if you go whip flip full tho .. hard times :(
This is a little late, but I'm writing on like legit all the blogs cause I don't have anything to do LOL. I'd do round off BHS whip BHS whip BHS layout stepout :) or punch front stepout round off BHS whip BHS BHS whip BHS layout. Lol I'm not sure cause it would seem hard to tumble on a hardwood floor D: Sorry this was a few months late! LOL