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Jul 1, 2010
Hi everyone! I need everyone's help...quick! We received our music yesterday and we don't like our pyramid song. We end with the pyramid so we need a really strong song to end with. The song right before it is Run The World by Beyonce so we need a song that goes well with that.

I need to email the DJ today because we compete in 2 weeks and need the music done. I'm asking for any suggestions that you think would work. Thanks're the best!!!
I Will Be by Christina Aguilera
I Was Here by Beyonce
There's A Place For Us by Carrie Underwood

first 3 songs to pop into my head, I don't think any have been used for pyramids (however I Was Here may be used this season, as it just came out in June)
I would look into any Ballads by Mariah Carey, you can look into her catelog of songs, and there are 100+ to use: hero, through the rain, you can't take that away, love takes time....Reach by gloria estefan, mary j blige, really just look into your cd's i have 10,000+ alot to look thru, i just gave you a couple of things, maybe this helps....? cheers! and i hope you find the right piece of music......:fro: