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Dec 15, 2009
I would like to get some opinions on the new Cheersport lay out. I was un-sure but as I have been thinking about it I don't think I like It.

They put the awards in C Hall so the Parents have to walk another Mile to the Awards Hall. and another mile back.

My biggest gripe is by all accounts they cut out 5 floors from use by not having the back to back floor. They only had 5 floors. This caused the competition to go way to late into the night. There are teams competing on a Sunday past 9:30pm. In my opinion that is way to late.

What are your thoughts?
i dont like it. when i went to watch semi/large/limited and the house was jampacked and i couldnt see anything. in the old arenas it was much easier to see if you had to stand up.
I wonder if they'll go back to the old layout
I LOVE the new layout!!! But I hate walking that far to awards....I wish there was a way to have this layout with awards closer.
I liked the new layout and the new backdrops, I just hated how far awards were. I hope they stick with this layout!
The walk to awards was really ridiculous--after 2 entire days and it is now 10:30 at night and your feet are killing you--they have you walk a mile there and back--that needs to be addressed--no parent wants to deal with that.
Tough one. More space for crowds to get in and out. That seemed like a zoo last year getting in and out of the side stage areas.

They only cut 2 floors. Last year it was 7 halls, but they basically loaded the same with the performance facing opposite direction. This made it much easier to watch the split divisions rather than run back and forth, it seemed to take the same amount of time and I didn't see anyone running late.

The awards was a drawback. With 7 halls, they were able to make the last one awards on Sunday. That allowed you to make it back to watch teams. This year that was impossible if the teams were within 30 minutes of awards time.
The new layout was GREAT for how big CheerSport has gotten. As a coach it was really easy to get to see all your gyms teams. You could be running around and watch them from the side. As well it allowed the crowds to get larger, but be safer. The old way you were packed in by only being able to enter from one side and felt like it could get out of control.

The warmup room situation was better this year being cut down a little. I would still like to cut a minute or two off each floor. Its hard warming up for 45 minutes and then competing. But, the long warmups help it run completely on time.
There were not fewer floor, folks. They pulled curtains on both sides to alternate directions but there were not two floors per arena last year/past years. That being said, they actually added one performance floor and a whole new set in warm up of 2 to flow to that arena. The new set up, IMO, was great. It opened up the flow of arenas plus gave those on L2 in the GWCC a chance to watch from the concourse level through the glass. I'd be surprised if the old layout returned. Also, I think we can all sympathize about the long walk to awards but I also think that with an event of this magnitude you should expect to walk. A lot. We don't complain about all the walking/running for shuttles and from buildings at Worlds.
I liked the new set up except for awards. I was able to get into a viewing spot much easier. I liked that the way the kids came out from the stage better too. Awards wasnt my favorite, I was so tired from all the walking and to get to awards I had to walk further than walking to my hotel.
I think it would be great if they could set an awards viewing area or screen on the side somewhere for people to see awards who have problems walking that far or have teams they need to watch.

Dear Cheersport, congrats you have hosted the largest competition ever and ran it well. I think you are making enough off of us to pony up free wifi. It was pretty sad in the convention center and if you paid there were areas it didn't have signal.

Fiercely yours, Sharkdad
I would have liked it better if awards stayed where they were last year, and the place where awards was could be turned into a "team area".... set up like an expo, and teams can sign up for a "cubicle" to put their stuff in, do hair and makeup, sleep, eat, and whatever else you need to do in between teams. Kind of like the room rentals you pay for at NCA (idk if they still do that, it's bee a while since I went down there)

Also, the new schedule with the hs/dance teams separate made everything too long. If you think about it, a high school team can compete at 7am and they are done for the rest of the day. When you are an allstar coach, parent, or cheerleader, you wake up to watch minis at 8am and stay for seniors until 8pm. That's a long day. If those high school and dance teams were spread out among all 5 floors in the morning, with an 8am start time, you'd have them taking up the times from 8-1030ish. Then start with tinies and mini level 1 division, then youth 1, junior 1, senior 1, mini 2, youth 2, junior 2, etc. Organize awards by level so it's less confusing. In other words, Level 1 awards are at 3pm, Level 2 awards at 4, etc.

But, I do think it was very well run, and I also have never even planned a dinner party before, so what do I know about hosting the biggest competition ever? lol
I didn't like the new set up. Having 1 and 2 minutes inbetween each team really added up by the end of the day, and I hated competing at 9:45pm.

I do like where the coaches room, and the registration /score pick up were.
I agree with I have never hosted anything more than a picnic at the beach and couldn't imangine pulling off something as HUGE as Cheersport. The competition was amazing and well organized....but compared to the layout of the arenas in the past... I liked it the "old" way. JMO