High School New Uniforms! :d

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Mar 12, 2011
How often does your school get new uniforms? What did you do to get them (fundraisers)? My school got new uniforms last year (I was still a gymnasts so I didn't wear them), but they were one season uniforms so they fell apart. We've ordered new uniforms this year, but they haven't come in yet, and out coaches are keeping them a surprise! :p For fundraising we did a carwash that we had a yard sale at and we also sold hotdogs there. We also held a Warball Tournament at our school :)
We do Homecoming every year; setting up, taking down the next morning, selling tickets, the whole works, so we get all the profits from it. We get new uniforms every year, and then we donate the leftover money to the athletic department at our school. Our uniform fittings are next Wednesday, and we finally get to see what they look like! :)
Lucky!!! We had our fittings about 2 weeks ago and our coaches didn't show us our uniforms!
We are supposed to get them every two years paided for by the athletics department, but our school has a little debt, so last year we bought ours, fundraised thru car washed i belive.
we usually get new ones every 3 years, however this year (my senior year) we aren't getting new ones due to budget cuts. however, most of ours are still in good condition so it's not that big of a deal.
When I was in high school I got a new uniform all 4 years on varsity.

My freshman year we bought the uniform (it was technically the 2nd yr the squad wore them)
Sophomore yr, the school bought a uniform
Junior, we paid for half of the uniform and the school paid for the other half...we got to keep them
Senior year...the school bought is uniforms

The wore the uniform we got my senior year for two years after I graduated.
Then they got another uniform which they kept 3 yrs.

Now my sister is cheering at the same school, 1 of her uniform they've had for 3 yrs, then they got a new competition uniform last year...and I think they may be getting a new uniform this yr.
My girls on varsity have 3 uniforms. They get on new one each year and keep 2 others. If it's your first year on the squad you have to buy 3 uniforms....if you've been on the squad you only have to buy the 1 new one each year.

JV has 1 uniform and are allowed to get news ones each year.

When I was in HS we had 2 uniforms (but one of them had a shell and a sweater--so it was kinda like another uniform). We got 1 new uniform each year.
We usually get new uniforms ever 2 years but last time it was either 3 or 4 years (not sure which) before new ones.
Our freshmen are currently using a 6+ year old uniform, but only because it's a favorite and still in great shape. I'd say we get new uniforms about every 3 or 4 years on average. The school pays for them.