All-Star Ny Times Article On Cheerleading

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There is no doubt that cheerleaders of all levels and talent consider themselves athletes. What we do is tough. But I suppose I agree with this being a "tryout system." With the track record that new womens sports have had there is no guarantee that this style wont fizzle out the way others have (as they mentioned). This is something that could take a few years to happen and I think by now we should all be prepared for that. Just this past weekend I had a discussion with two people that will NEVER see what we do as a sport as defined by their terms. We're judged. To them, its not the same as scoring two goals and winning by one.
Even if out 'activity' is never recognized as a sport, we will continue to field kids because its a passion. They have a drive to continue what they do in college.
I saw that this morning. Haven't read it yet. I'm interested to see if it gives details on the process.
“What we consider sports are things that men have traditionally played,” she said. But she added: “It’s perfectly O.K. for girls to compete in something that is uniquely feminine. I think that we can’t just say that sports exist in ways that men define it.”

I really was happy to read this. While cheerleading was started by a man it has been defined by women. If it had stayed traditionally a man activity would it have been a sport long ago?

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