OT October is Breast Cancer Awearness Month

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Apr 24, 2010
I know that this is for cheerleading but I thought it would be nice to post a thread to HONOR those who fight everyday or for those who have passed on from . So if you know someone who has lost there battle or some one you know you want to honor put there name and lets all lift them up . So I will start

In memory of my Sister and Best-friend Tammy Mahar-Hasbrouk I love and miss you TT ,
In memory of my "aunt" Stacy- love you, butterfly kisses forever<3

In memory of (friends mom) Mama Lutz-An amazing cheer mom :)

In memory of Miss Peggy-a wonderful neighbor, love and miss you!

My heart truly goes out to all the families/friends from those who have lost there battle as well as those who are still fighting--and need to keep fighting :) As for everyone else, don't give up on the fight for a cure!:thumbs up:
in honor of my mom, who beat breast cancer.

in memory of my friend's mom who unfortunately lost her battle but will forever be in our hearts.
My grandmother beat breast cancer (can't remember what stage) a few years ago and was then diagnosed with it again a few years later (a whole different kind) and is finishing up her chemo and beat it again. :)

PS. Everyone go to your local Panera and buy some Pink Ribbon Bagels. Some of the profits go to helping find a cure for breast cancer! They're delicious and for a great cause!
One thing I really like about our gym, is that it's not always about "our" gym. We have an entire album on our FB page dedicated to our Aviator cheerleaders getting pictures with athletes from other teams and we look to give back something to the community that we live in. We compete at the Universal Spirit, Spirit of Hope Nationals in Charlotte every year in part because of the great cause it supports and last year raised $1500 of our own for the March Forth with Hope Foundation. This year, our gym is participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Charlotte on October 1, 2011. Our Tumble for Ta-Ta's team is open to anyone who wants to join us and this spectacular video pretty much sums up who we are at Aviator and what we're about (outside of the obvious :). There's a video contest with the race and the one with the most hits will be in the running for the best video - please check it out and spread the word!!!

Getting Pink put in my hair this year. Everyone go to Calis website and buy one of there cute awareness shirts!!